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Why is it Necessary To Service Your AC Every Year

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How often should I service my Ac? Is one of the most commonly asked questions by property owners. Moreover, there are some homeowners who don’t know that they should service their ACs in the first place let alone how many times they should. An air conditioner is one of the most expensive features a home. It is also a very essential piece of equipment as it ensures a comfortable stay at home.

Air conditioners not only keep our homes cool during the hot seasons but they also help reduce the humidity levels and also purify the air we breathe in within our homes. It is clear to see that an air conditioner plays numerous crucial roles within your home. Therefore, considering its importance to your home and the cost of investment in a new unit, AC servicing and maintenance should be your top priority. Regularly servicing your unit is the only way of ensuring that your unit operates at optimum efficiency and serves your home for many years to come.

Experts recommend that you should ensure that your AC unit is serviced at least once every year and there compelling reasons as to why this is the case.

Why It Is Necessary To Service Your AC Every Year

It Increases The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioner

One of the most important reasons why you should service your AC every year is due to the fact that it loses 5% of its efficiency every year it goes unserviced. This is caused by a number of reasons. If you fail to maintain your unit, dust and debris tend to accumulate on the coils. The build-up of these materials affects airflow and hinders the transfer of heat which essentially means that you won’t be able to effectively cool your home.

Air conditioners usually have moving parts, if these parts aren’t lubricated regularly, then friction is increased which obviously reduces the efficiency of operation. In addition, if the blower components aren’t cleaned regularly, then airflow is affected.

It Minimizes Expensive Repairs

Minors issues with your air conditioner which aren’t easily noticeable tend to develop to more extensive problems which require expensive repairs. However, with regular annual maintenance, the technician will be able to identify and address minor issues early enough before they develop which helps to save you costs in the long term.

It Extends The Life Of Your AC

As discussed above, regular maintenance increases the efficiency of your unit and also leads to fewer repairs. These factors help ensure that your unit is able to achieve a longer lifespan. A properly maintained air conditioner can last for as long as 10 years or more. If you’ve invested in a quality air conditioner, the only way to ensure that you get the full value of your money is through regular maintenance.

Minimizes Energy Consumption

A poorly maintained air conditioner requires 20% more energy to function normally. This means that if you fail to service your unit periodically, you should expect a significant increase in your energy bills.

So is a yearly AC service necessary? Absolutely yes. Annual AC servicing is also referred to as preventative maintenance. If you have invested in an air conditioner, you shouldn’t wait until the last minute or until something goes wrong for you to take action.

How Often Should Your HVAC Coils Be Cleaned?

The coils in your HVAC system are vital to its efficient running and you need to keep them clean. Dirty coils can cause a range of problems including higher energy bills, shorter system life, and more system failures. The problem that people face is determining how often their HVAC coils should be cleaned.

How Often Should The Coils Be Cleaned?

The regularity of coil cleaning will vary depending on the system you have and where you live. There are other factors that also impact this which you need to be aware of. It is recommended that you check your user manual for the manufacturer recommended cleaning schedule. This will generally be every 3 to 6 months.

Factors Affecting Coil Cleaning Schedules

There are 3 primary factors that you need to be aware of which impact how often you should clean your coils. These factors will generally result in more regular cleaning being required. It is important to note that you should never leave cleaning your coils for longer than your manufacturer recommends.

The first fact you need to consider is the age of your HVAC system. Older systems are prone to collecting dirt and dust which means their coils need to be cleaned more often. The overall condition of your system also needs to be taken into account with the age. The better the condition of an older system, the less frequently you need to clean the coils.

The second factor is the usage of the system. If your HVAC system is running for many hours every day, you need to clean it more often. If you only use the system sporadically, you will need to clean the coils less frequently. Higher usage introduces more contaminants into the system which can accumulate on the coils.

The last factor is your location. Many people do not consider how location can affect the overall workings of their HVAC system, but this is very important. If you are located in an area with higher pollution levels, around construction sites or a high dust area, you need to clean your coils more often. These environmental factors will increase the accumulation of dust and dirt on the coils because there are more contaminants in the air.

There are other factors that can impact the regularity of coil cleaning such as the make and model of the system. To better understand the needs of your system, you will need to check the manual and the system itself on a regular basis.

Cleaning The Coils

If you have determined that your coils need to be cleaned, it is recommended that you hire a professional HVAC service. Coil fins are sensitive and dust will get between them, but cleaning them incorrectly will damage the coils. Using the wrong cleaning materials can also cause problems which are more expensive to fix than hiring a service.

The regularity of HVAC coil cleaning will depend on a number of factors. The age of the system, your location, and the usage will all play a role. The manufacturer will also recommend a cleaning schedule that you should stick to.